General Association of Designers Association (DAS DESIGNERS ASSOCIATION: DAS) is an organization for designers. Our association aims to contribute to the promotion of Japanese culture and industrial development advancement through the improvement of design and by coordinated connection of our members.

DAS business activities

1. Holding various design research, project evaluation, and workshops
2. Design consultation and placement
3. Survey, encouragement and promotion of various industrial designs
4. Design protection movement
5. Hosting and sponsoring various lectures, social gatherings and visitations
6. Holding various exhibitions and participating in them
7. Issuing publications
8. Business activities other than abovementioned, necessary to achieve the purpose of the association

Ongoing business activities

1. Mainichi Shimbun Design Award, DAS Student Design Award, and Highschool Student Design Award selection, commendation & exhibition
2. Holding and sponsoring design seminars, lectures, exhibitions etc.
3. Design research projects support by our members
4. Organizing international exchange of designers
5. Issuing DAS bulletins