DAS Philosophy

Our philosophy is to contribute to society with a focus on all kinds of design. We are convinced that design is the core of society, community, environment, and culture, and therefore our goal is to create a better future by bringing together designers (D members), academic authorities (A members) and sponsoring companies (S members).

Our policy

(1) We want to train and instruct young people who are studying design, with the aim of revitalizing the design world in the future.
(2) Our goal is to create a beautiful lifestyle with a focus on Japanese culture.
(3) Based on these, we encourage our members to organize symposiums, forums, product displays, exhibitions, concerts, and showrooms to interact with other members and organizations to promote intellectual and creative exchange.

DAS categories

Designer = D member

All those who work as a graphic, industrial, interior, architecture, fashion, textile, photography, video, commercial space, crafts, music, cooking and other design.

Academic authority (scholar) = A member

All people who are researching and investigating all sorts of things such as design in general, information, finance, current affairs, science, philosophy, food culture, etc.

Supporting Company (Sponsor) = S member

Any company that agrees with the activities and purpose of DAS and believes that design is a key factor for the future of the society.

DAS is an unique association that consists those three aforementioned groups. If you support our activities and would like to join, please contact us. We will send you materials.

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